Welcoming Martijn Weterings!

We are very happy to announce that Martijn Weterings will be joining the TopQore team on 1 October as a senior monitoring engineer with specialization on SCOM and Microsoft’s monitoring solutions both in the datacenter and in the cloud. So if you have SCOM monitoring questions, come and meet us at TopQore and we will … Read more

TopQore at the MP University

Coming 29th of May 2019 we will be involved in the Silect MP University all about SCOM 2019 and anything related. Bob Cornelissen (7x MVP) will present about Migrating and Upgrading SCOM from older versions to a newer versions and best practices around this subject. There will be several sessions throughout the day by several … Read more

TopQore at MMSmoa in May

Next week Bob Cornelissen will be representing TopQore at the MMSmoa like every year. This time with presentations about (in short): What’s new in SCOM 2019, Upgrading/Migrating SCOM, Azure Monitor, and Azure Security Center. Also like always involved in moderating Nerds of a Feather sessions around topics of Cloud and Datacenter Management. Hope to see … Read more

Microsoft MVP Summit 2019

Every year most of the Microsoft MVP’s come together for the Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond at the main campus for a week of sessions around all relevant technologies and talking about the current and future. Currently two of our consultants, Bob Cornelissen & John Barreto, are there to follow the sessions around Azure, Monitoring, … Read more

TopQore Blog Writing Contest

At the ExpertsLive India 2019 event we announced the following TopQore Blog Wirting Contest: Write a guest blog post to be placed on the blog where our lead blogger Bob Cornelissen (7 X MVP) has been blogging for years All entries posted, including full credits to the author! This is your chance -> take … Read more